The Changing Focus of International Trade

When you work across national borders, a reliable, fast and low-cost international credit checking system is an essential tool in selecting the right supplier to undertake a particular job. According... more >>

Are You Marketing Effectively?

ABR InfoBank
InfoBank is a powerful tool to assist you to create marketing lists, understand your industry better and make sound strategic decisions.

In... more >>

ABR Introduces its New Entity Verification Credit System

Providing access to ABR's extensive database eCHECK can alert you to relevant insolvency, personal bankruptcy, court actions and trade survey information. Giving you... more >>

Debtors - The Simple Rules

With interest rates on the rise again, it's even more important that businesses not lose money with debtors who do not or cannot fulfil their obligations.

To this end, we have devised... more >>

Onfile Reporting

Technology is rapidly changing the business landscape. Today, you are increasingly faced with decisions outside your traditional markets. Increased competition means that customers expect prompt... more >>